Nobody Knew (dialogue sketch)

by NJ McGarrigle

–         The strange thing was how no one had noticed it before. Not until that night he smacked her in the teeth anyway.

–         That must have looked bad.

–         What other way could it look? Jeez. No, what I mean is, that up until then, they seemed like a regular loving couple.

–         But nobody knew.

–         Nobody knew.

Every night they got home, after being out for drinks or dinner or whatever with friends, she was kicking the shit out of him.

–         Behind closed doors.

–         Right. Bustin’ him around his own home.

–         But nobody knew.

–         Nobody knew.

And then to top it all, she goes and bangs his best friend.

–         But you knew.

–         I knew.

–         Jeez. Was she on drugs?

–         She should’ve been! A lethal injection that’s what I’d have given her.

–         And how long was this going on?

–         Couple of years.

–         But nobody knew.

–         Nobody knew.

–         Some operator.

–         Right. And then he smacks her square in the teeth, in a crowded bar, with loads of people around.

–         And do they know?

–         They don’t know.

–         No. They don’t know.

–         He’s never hit anybody in his life for Christ sake!

–         I know that.

–         I know you know that.

–         All that hatred, and fear, and bitterness, of getting the shit kicked out of you every night for years must have just boiled over.

–         And he flipped his lid.

–         He flipped his lid.

–         Have you talked to him since?

–         Just for a little while. He’s looking to keep a low profile.

–         Understandably.

–         Exactly. Now everybody knows.